Hello and welcome to my Blog!

I am so excited to start my blog. Firstly let me share my Intentions, background and concept for the post for the year ahead.

The Intentions

My top 10

  1. To add value to you
  2. To give some lifestyle medicine tips and updates.
  3. To entertain and bring a smile to faces
  4. To help anyone begin or continue to pursue a journey or self-optimisation
  5. To bring light and hope as a Health and Wellness coach
  6. To provide my ideas and tips
  7. To share my own learnings
  8. To learn from others and share their wisdoms
  9. To get better at this as I go along
  10. To be authentically me

The Background

Some background to set the stage for the blogs that follow.

My journey started as a young adult who decided on the vehicle of medicine to make a difference to people’s lives, very much with the aim to be directly involved with those people.
In the last 10 years as a Doctor, I have specialized in health and wellness, as a certified Coach and Lifestyle Medicine Physician.
As a social-marketing professional and love to share the large range of health and wellness products I benefit from and use daily and can add benefit for others available through me.

“I love what I do. I love to help others but more importantly to make a difference for them – it’s what drives me it is my purpose in life“

I am aware how blessed I am and also that I am now ready and really want to help as many people I can using the various online platforms alongside my offline life.
I am lucky enough to be in a position to grow this dream. I can and I passionately believe that because I have that opportunity. I must overcome all the doubts and setbacks that can occur to achieve all that I can.

This blog gives me a voice and platform to share and grow this and allows you to get a good close up of how I tick and to benefit from the time you’ve given to my blogs to read them.

The Concept

I thought I’d begin with a bit of my foundational concept and it’s a creative one! Love a bit of creativity. Allows me to hang my hat on things and develop the concepts.

In the next 12 months I am going to focus on various topics
These undoubtably will develop and be added too.
A podcast is also a possibility for those who like to listen! One step at a time for now!


Meaning; “to make something as good or effective as possible .. in the period between birth and death, or the experience or state of being alive’

At the centre of a lot of what I do is all about us making the best of what and where we are NOW.

Not tomorrow or next year – now.

Slap bang in the reality of our lives.

This may involve significant challenges such as serious illness or a loss of a close person, going through menopause, being made redundant or having to move away from family.

Despite all this we can achieve better health and wellbeing.

I love to help and empower people into this space we can all achieve.

From December there will be a monthly post on the first of each month with themes inspired from the letters of OPTIMISE LIFE.

This will steer my posts with inspiring titles.

O Optimizing, optimum vs perfect
P Purpose and people
T Timing and timelines
I Inspiring others and ourselves
M Mindfulness and meditation
I Identity and I am’s
S Sex and sleep
E Exercise and energy
L Love vs Fear
I Intuition and our insides
F Food and Family
E Enjoyment and engagement

I’d love to hear your feedback on my various posts.

I am here for you to Optimise Life

Dr Sue

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