Life transitions

Life moves from one port to the next and at each stage we can learn to navigate new waters with new perspectives

Transitions are changes

  • Changes in our bodies
  • Changes in our physical or mental health
  • Changes in our appearance
  • Changes in our circumstances at work or at home
  • Changes in our community or even the world

Any type of physical, mental, emotional or environmental change is a transition.

These events bring with them the physiological, physical, emotional and cognitive challenges which may not serve our lives that well.

As a result, we can “fall off the rails” or “lose our way” and “the things that use to work don’t any longer”.
This change can be the final push that tips our physical or mental health into a negative spiral.


  • Menarche – the onset of female adulthood and change of role in society changes of teen-hood and independence.
  • Menopause – time in a woman’s life that moves her from ovarian reproductive capacity to one of ovarian depletion.
  • Post-surgery or disease with change to previous function and change to physical appearance or function and mental health.
  • Post cancer treatment – often with change in identity and physical form as well as emotional and mental changes.
  • Loss of a job with redundancy or change of position in the working world.
  • Loss of a person through separation, divorce or a bereavement.
  • Significant world events such as war or pandemics. [Please see separate page regarding the pandemic of 2020]

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Transitional time can create a unique and powerful moment to change to something different to what we have. To reinvent and pick up the baton of life we so far have not had the time or courage to take up. We can now.
Dr Sue Smith

“Not in his goals but in his transitions man is great.