NLP, or Neurolinguistic Programming, is a therapeutic approach to help you overcome obstacles holding you back either in life or specifically in relation to your health.

It can be used to help a range of issues including panic, depression and phobias.

It can also create positive change in all aspects of your life, such as enhancing your performance at work.

  • is how we all make sense of our own version of the world around and within us.
  • offers solutions, is very practical and enables changes to be made quickly.
  • this type of approach looks to change the subconscious patterns/strategies so repeated problems don’t reappear.
  • It is based on how we all uniquely learn and excel.
  • It can programme empowering thoughts and emotions using patterns, modelled on successful outcomes.
  • offers a ‘toolkit’ of techniques, based on the study of human excellence
  • gives us the tools to replicate others’ success in areas where we are currently underachieving.
  • if a client doesn’t work particularly well with one tool there are alternatives.