Health and Wellness Coaching

What is Health and Wellness coaching?

  • Wellness and health coaching is a specialised area in the field of Life coaching,
  • Health or absence of illness is only part of the continuum to true wellness.
  • This type of coaching can improve the health challenges whilst addressing the bigger picture of true wellness means to you.
  • Wellness is a process of achieving a fulfilled and happy life which is very much achieved in the mind.
  • When fully active this approach involves factors such as lifestyle, spiritual and mental wellbeing, connectedness with others and the world and the environment in which we exist.
  • It is about becoming our true selves, at our full potential and the full expression of life.
Our lives at home, at work and in the community are improved as a result – anything is possible.
  • Having experienced, and continuing to experience, the power of an ally myself – a coach for my life – co-creating my own well life vision has impacted my life and I know firsthand how powerful this can be.
  • With powerful and fearless coaching, you learn and grow to overcome all challenges between yourself and your vision of the life you desire.
  • I fully recognize that at any time the potential we have may be vastly different to another time – I strive to optimize that best at that time, and then the next and the next.
  • Times of transition are often the places we can find ourselves stuck and unsure, in need of an ally to assist and encourage us to reach for this best of us, and beyond.
  • I love to be involved with the changes that wellness coaching can provide and be present and offer all I can to map out the steps that lead to an extraordinary life. – the life that you design for you.

What can I expect?

  • You become the creator of your life and you can determine how you want to respond to it. I am your co-creator and ally in this journey, and I will facilitate this experience for and with you.
  • We have an initial exploration session before any further decisions and commitments are made. This session is complimentary and whatever you decide you will walk away having benefitted in some way.
  • The coaching experience is not therapy, however we do address limiting beliefs and challenges.
  • I provide a tailor-made programme with you and for you with your unique needs and vision for a well life. No-one is like you – you are unique and special with distinct offerings to the world and those around you.

I believe we all have the choice to reach for the best versions of ourselves.

“Health is a state of body, wellness is a state of mind”.
Miles J Stanford