Thriving in the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic hit the world early in 2020. By the end of March most countries were affected. The impact of the pandemic has been profound, life will be forever altered in its wake.

During this time there has been a terrible combination of loss, suffering, confusion and fear.
Peoples’ identity has been threatened or completely destroyed. Jobs have been lost and support networks broke down due to the health risk.

The impact on health is huge. From those who have had the illness, to those caring for them. From those losing loved ones to those keeping the country running. Those who are not infected may not be able to see loved ones or those suffering when they need them, are also impacted. The loss of social contact or fear of illness can be significant for some.

Some may have made unhealthy lifestyle choices in a way of coping.

Emotions have been at the centre of our experiences as well as poor physical health.
The fall out can leave us confused and lost.

Some lifestyle choices could be undermining our journey to optimum health.

I wish to help you want to take the experiences of this pandemic to provide an opportunity to change key areas in life.

To rebuild life and develop resilience going forward is where health and wellness coaching can help.
Stress and anxiety are often at the core of many concerns and coaching can you build your own resources to help yourself here.
You may have a specific area you’d like to develop and just need the support and guidance to achieve and sustain it. It may involve a health goal or lifestyle change as we settle into a ‘new normal’.
A new normal includes you and your new way to live life.

As your coach I can help you realise what exactly this is. If you’d like to find out more please click here to enquire.

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“I believe all success must start with us, we are our main asset – without us we don’t exist and so we can’t succeed.”

“Optimum career success is possible with optimum health – you deserve it. Together the two can be unstoppable.”
Dr Sue Smith