Success Stories

Sue has enabled me to see life and the people and situations In it from a more powerful stance – she has enabled me to start learning that I can deal with situations, and my own life with a lot more self-control, and has started to teach me ways to remove myself from other people’s processes, and demands and opinions – I am starting to feel a lot more empowered and a lot more settled – and I can’t wait to get even better at enjoying my life, and being a better lead for my children.

I have used these skills in all aspects of living, relationships, work, parenting etc – I didn’t realise at first just how simple strategies can positively change almost any life situation!

I found that the therapy was more enjoyable whilst walking with the dog, rather than sitting, given the extremely complex emotional position I was in last year, so guess what – sue would meet me on a beautiful circular walk, with her dog too – nothing is a problem.

I find sue, apart from being knowledgeable both medically and psychologically, warm, wise, and non-judgemental, and I actually enjoy working with her! I can’t wait to learn more!

TP Wirral

I feel so lucky to have met Sue. She is an inspirational, compassionate, empathic person who has helped me massively. In this new chapter of my journey, after losing my business, trying to restart another career whilst caring for my mum, she has shared with me new ways of thinking, new ways of approaching difficult, stressful situations which have enabled me, making me feel hopeful and realising that as things change in life we can take hold of the steering wheel and take back control of our lives and not let fear, stress and anxiety and limiting beliefs win. You can do it. Thanks Sue x

Julie - Wirral

I met Dr Smith at a time I was really struggling with the menopause and all the issues it brings. It was a time I needed to regroup, take stock of my work/life balance and accept some changes were inevitable. Her first words about ‘being not doing’ still resonate with me and were like a sucker punch because I knew exactly what she meant but not how to achieve it! She has helped me do that. I’ve always wanted some professional support because of my stressful life so it was great timing for me.

Donna Scully

Director, Carpenters Group, Wirral

Everyone can benefit from regular coaching sessions. It really gives you a different perspective on where you and your business is going. Equally important is to remember to look after the health and well-being of yourself and your employees, especially during these uncertain and stressful times.

Dr Sue Smith combines expert coaching capability together with professional health and well-being knowledge and experience.

The ability to provide coaching support in the context of your employees own medical background is powerful. The health and well-being well-being of an employee is inextricably linked to their potential performance and Sue’s approach maximises the benefits of each session in a non-threatening and positive manner.

Ian Clowes

Goldy Solutions Ltd, Cheshire.

I met Dr Sue Smith for a routine health assessment, she also offered a life coaching service and I thought this might be helpful as I was always interested in good health and wellbeing.

I found her service to be extremely helpful and informative with good advice regarding diet, exercise, work/life balance and recommendations of good authors re health & wellbeing, her style is friendly, relaxed but very positive and motivating. Her service has been very useful to me, and I would highly recommend Sue as life coach.

WJ Liverpool

WJ Liverpool