Mental Wellness

You can have better mental health and achieve mental wellness, and as a result your life can improve! Like the body, the mind can be made more able.

The difficulties we can face with mental health are often silent and invisible to the non-attentive observer, leading to misunderstanding. Others can be immersed in their own lives, forgetting about a simple “how are you?”. With no outlet for our emotions we can become frustrated and feel alone.

From my own experiences I know how difficult it is when the mind is suboptimal, and how vital it is to be addressed for overall health and wellness.

To live a whole and fulfilling life doesn’t come without the usual rollercoaster of experiences of emotion. HOWEVER a coach can help you regain more control by use of the mind and facilitate your journey to better mental health. This can avoid:

  • Life and its circumstance can leave us vulnerable to anxiety and depression
  • Finding ourselves with insufficient tools to build resilience and easily fall back to suffering
  • Experience difficulties leading to poor mental health.
I support all people and movements working hard to make mental health matter as much as physical health.
And for it to be given a place at the table of health without judgement.

As a coach I take a different approach to a therapist and this is an important factor to consider as you explore your options.

I focus on resilience and improving overall mental wellbeing

  • the stronger the mind the easier it is to manage life’s challenges – less ups and downs and more thriving instead.
  • As a coach I explore your own resources to enable you to find ways to tackle these challenging conditions in the context of your whole life.
  • I don’t prescribe or treat. Instead together we develop the resources and changes in habit that can help build resilience, especially by looking at previous aggravating circumstances.

As the body can also help the mind – we can use its physiology and neuro-programming to empower the mind and help us find a way out and on to a better footing.


  • The situations I am keen to help include early onset disordered eating, recovery from an eating disorder, anxiety, mild to moderate depression and stress affecting quality of life.
  • I request that anyone with established eating disorder, Anxiety or depression has been assessed medically and is already under medical review.
  • I shall advise you that a specialist therapist would be preferable if I believe at the time you are not at the stage to have coaching.

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“The mind is just like a muscle—the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets and the more it can expand.” Idowu Koyenikan