My Story

Perhaps you’ve searched for a coach or maybe you’ve responded to an Ad on social media. Either way this page, I hope and intend, will give you a flavour of the Sue behind the Dr Sue Smith.

  • You will, I hope, come to the conclusion that this for you is the right time in your life to take action.
  • I look forward to working with those that decide exactly this.

I shall start with why I do what I do. Quite simply I love to see, feel and hear the behavioural and mind set changes that coaching can provide, the steps that lead to an extraordinary life – one that you design for you.

  • You in the process become clearer with who and what you are all about and begin the vital process of taking action in a way that only you create. You become the creator of your life and how you want to respond to it.

I love being the co-creator, the ally in this experience and will do all I can to create this experience with and for you.

My background comes next and explains why I am writing this to you now.

Since a young person I was drawn to making a difference in the world through and with people. I chose the vehicle of medicine to take me into a wonderful career as a doctor. With this I have experienced the human spirit in many different situations and with a huge variety of life’s challenges in terms of physical and mental illness, significant loss and in the process of awful illnesses and in dying. I spent many years in secondary care and enjoyed the opportunities this gave me. I qualified to a high level in Paediatrics and then General practice.

As I moved into primary care, what fascinated me there most was how well some very ill patients could be, despite their condition, by applying certain well learnt disciplines and habits with a positive approach to their health and on the other hand how some fundamentally well patients were struggling to find the resources and approach to live a really full healthy life.

I wanted to be able to offer this latter group the tools and skills the first group had mastered so well.
These are learnable – we can change ourselves! – we can’t change life or others, but we can change us. This is the good news – be reassured that if you don’t have the life and wellbeing you yearn for it can be made real by you. If you want it, you will create it.

Years later I found myself in a place where the job I was doing was not fully satisfying me and certainly not using my own strengths to the full. The reality was that for some time I was very unhappy. It was then that I myself began working with a coach and still do to this day. I decided to pursue a direction of a more holistic approach.

  • I trained and got a qualification as an acupuncturist [BAWMA]
  • I became an NLP Master [INLPTA]
  • I qualified as a Health and Wellness coach [ICF]
  • I certified as a Lifestyle Medicine Physician [ACLM] and became a Director for BSLM

So, there you have it..

A person driven to empower others in optimising their own health and wellbeing, wherever they find themselves in their life. Proactively using all the tools I have learnt to delivering this to you as a coach.

A coach that comes to you in your own life through the door of health and wellness.