What is micro-needling and what is it used for?

It’s an intense effective therapy used to induce new collagen without any chemicals. A derma-roller (a roller with 192 extremely fine sharp acupuncture microneedles) or in some cases a derma-stamp is used to create a very carefully controlled micro injury at the correct level underneath your skin’s surface. Your body responds by forming new elastin and collagen tissue layers as well as new capillaries which improve the blood supply in the treated area, so that it becomes plumper and thicker.

Micro-needling is an effective method utilising your body’s own resources to enable your best skin health.
The skin is a great example as, being an important barrier and detoxifying organ, it responds to trauma and its environment every day.

The true power of micro-needling is in the ability to harness your skin’s natural ability to heal and in doing so create the aesthetic benefit for your skin without added chemicals.

What benefits are there to you from micro-needling?

  • It uses the body’s own natural resources to naturally enhance your skin without the use of injectables or chemicals.
  • If you have fine lines, wrinkles and acne or sun damage scarring it can treat these with a natural look and a safe approach.
  • Improves uniformity of your skin colour and address other skin texture changes if this is something you want to address.
  • Improve hair growth, for example, if you have any male hair loss.
  • Reduce visible cellulite and stretch marks that you may have developed.

Natural collagen takes up to 6 months to develop and lasts up to 5 years. For maximum benefits you’ll need 6 sessions with 2 to 4 weeks between each session.

Ethical vegan products used throughout.

I use the White Lotus products in my treatment sessions and I was trained by Anthony Kingston the Founder of White Lotus team. White Lotus applies its high ethical standards of product sourcing and quality ingredients to other products such as their beautiful Jade rollers and Gua Sha tools. I can obtain any of these superb products for my clients.

I also can advise on Arbonne skincare and nutrition range if wanted. Arbonne is an ethically sourced vegan product range, ultra-premium, effective and based on the best of science and nature, without harmful ingredients.