Hello and thank you for visiting my website.

My background in health and wellness is as a medical doctor. I have been qualified for over 30 years and in recent years I have developed my skills in Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine.

I qualified with BAWMA in 2010 as a Licenced Acupuncturist in Western Medical Acupuncture.

I have always had a passion for the holistic approach and empowering you in your own health and the choices they can make in terms of medication and lifestyle to create a better overall wellbeing.

Acupuncture was something I explored and trained in after I personally experienced its benefits for shoulder pain many years later. I have since seen how it can play a significant role as a therapy for many conditions that you may have.

It is an established complementary or alternative medicine which can sit alongside the western medical model and also used alone.

I also offer as a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician and Health and Wellness Coach an empowering and integrated approach to your needs that can have a powerful positive impact on your health and wellness. If you are interested, please refer to my coaching website www.drsuesmith.com

“I am convinced that acupuncture is going to be one of the greatest contributions that any group of people has made to the future of all medicine, if it is handled correctly by the people of the Western world”.

Dr W Kenneth Riland